Two Weeks on us!

We are so confident you will love our classes that we are offering all new students two weeks of martial arts training at Barton's completely free of charge and with no obligation to enroll.

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Our Karate Federation web page in Okinawa, Japan

Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate Do Kyokai

  (founded 1969 Miyazato Sensei)
View site


Daito-ryu Aiki-Bujutsu Rengokai

Murphy Del Cueto Sensei


minei sensei at miyazato tomb

Minei Karate Dojo -Nanjo City, Okinawa

Nanko Minei Hanshi, 10th Degree Black Belt

Our home dojo in Okinawa


Brazilian Ju-jitsu

We have offered Brazilian Ju-jitsu since 1994

for approx the last 10 years we have been  training under the

sadly now defuct FRANCO/ BEHRING ALLIANCE, now with

Master instructor Sylvio Behring, Brazil

Master Instructor Sylvio Behring


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Martial Arts Instructors

This is where we get to brag! The black belt at Barton’s is unmatched in the area (and they are some of the best in the Country!). Our staff have ranks recognized worldwide and they meet the highest standards available.


Minimum age for Black Belt at Barton's is 18 years of age.

Patrick Barton, Chief Instructor

  • 6th Degree Black Belt Ju-Jitsu
  • 4th Degree Black Belt Aiki-Ju-Jitsu
  • 4th Degree Black Belt Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate (OGKK)
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt Kempo Karate/ Shotokan

Patrick is committed to being the most knowledgeable teacher in the area to pass on correct, true knowledge to you - the student. Learning is a constant, ongoing process that Patrick spares no expense in acquiring! He has taught Martial Arts in five countries and trained under dozens of high ranking Oriental Masters in Okinawa, Japan.

Some of his accomplishments include:

  • The highest ranked instructor in the area.
  • Bronze Medallist - 1996 North American Ju-Jitsu Championships,Gold in 1998. Competed at world Karate championships in 1997, Okinawa, Japan.
  • Competed in European Championships, Italy 1998. 
  • Defeated U.S. Heavyweight Champion at North American Ju-Jitsu Championships in Ohio, July 2000.
  • 2 Time heavy weight Ju-jitsu Champion at the Battle of Columbus- Arnold Classic (World largest martial arts tournament) 
  • Winner of Extreme Fighting Championship January 2004, Columbus Ohio (mixed martial arts -octagon match).
  • 4 time Canadian, 2 times North American Heavyweight Ju-Jitsu Champion
  •  Former Executive Director of YJJC (Yudansha Ju-Jitsu Canada) and Secretary of North American Ju-Jitsu Union.

Colin Heitman - Dai Senpai

Training at Barton's Martial arts since 1995

Former JJIF Canadian 180lb Champion

7th place World Ju-jitsu Championships JJIF

3rd Degree Black Belt OGKK -graded at dojo Hichiya Dojo, Shuri Okinawa

3rd Degree Black Belt -Nihon Ryu Jujitsu

Gord Watson

2nd degree black belt OGKK

Istructor of kids program with Barton Sensei

The worlds most patient instructor!!

Erwin Trautrim

2nd degree Black Belt OGKK

1st Degree Black Belt Nihon Ryu Jujitsu

Blue Belt BJJ

Long time Black Belt in Chito-ryu before joining Barton's in 1997

Kevin Muller

1st Degree Black Belt OGKK, back in Collingwood after 3 years in Japan, also Japanese language instructor at the dojo

Johnny Hamilton

1st degree Black Belt OGKK as of Sept.2015

Robin Shugan
1st degree Black Belt OGKK as of June 2016 Graded by Okuma Sensei,  and Minei Tokimitsu (Nanjo, Okinawa)

Daniel McKewen
1st degree Black Belt OGKK as of June 2016 Graded by Okuma Sensei, and Minei Tokimitsu (Nanjo, Okinawa)

Derek Nauls

1st Dan OGKK, popular for cardio judo classes!

Nicole Fenwick (currently in-active)

  • Canadian Jujitsu Champion, Ladies heavyweight
  • 5th place World Ju-jitsu Championships, 1st degree Black Belt Karate and Ju-Jitsu.

Anneliese Reckewitz

  • Member of our school since 1992, has won dozens of ladies Ju-Jitsu titles, in Canada and the U.S.A.-currently residing in Alberta, teaching at Champion Karate Dojo

Sofie Winkels

  • 1st degree black belt, OGKK - currently training in Kelowna, B.C. , RCMP officer

Lisa Manini - inactive

  • 1st degree black belt
  • Winner of numerous self defence and karate titles.

  •  Lisa Jamison - currently residing Pensecola Florida Law enforcement officer