Two Weeks on us!

We are so confident you will love our classes that we are offering all new students two weeks of martial arts training at Barton's completely free of charge and with no obligation to enroll.

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Our Karate Federation web page in Okinawa, Japan

Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate Do Kyokai

  (founded 1969 Miyazato Sensei)
View site


Daito-ryu Aiki-Bujutsu Rengokai

Murphy Del Cueto Sensei


minei sensei at miyazato tomb

Minei Karate Dojo -Nanjo City, Okinawa

Nanko Minei Hanshi, 10th Degree Black Belt

Our home dojo in Okinawa


Brazilian Ju-jitsu

We have offered Brazilian Ju-jitsu since 1994

for approx the last 10 years we have been  training under the

sadly now defuct FRANCO/ BEHRING ALLIANCE, now with

Master instructor Sylvio Behring, Brazil

Master Instructor Sylvio Behring


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Mixed Martial Arts



We have one of the oldest Mixed Martial Arts programs in Ontario having taught MMA style sparring and classes since 1988. Until 2008 at Barton's we never separated the arts.

Classes consisted of all students learning strikes from Kickboxing, Okinawan Goju-ryu karate and Japanese Jiu-jitsu, they were always taught throws from Judo, Ju-jitsu and Sambo (we occasionally would bring in wrestling instructors as we had no qualified wrestling coaches), grappling was taught with judu, jujitsu and sambo.

In 2004 we seperated an MMA only class. Over the years it has grown and then tapered off. We have had many succesful fighters over the years competing out west, and in the USA in MMA. Sadly with the growth of MMA and MMA only gyms, we have seen a demise in students wishing to take the TIME needed to learn all the arts and they only want to do MMA. At Barton;s we firmly believe in a STRONG base in the martial arts and the respect taught in martial arts that seems to be lacking in MMA.

We now insist all students attend all martial arts classes and then once per week practice MMA but only if they continue with traditional arts.